About Us

We are a social enterprise on a mission to empower women artisans of rural India. We are creating economic independence for them. And dignified life for women artisans and their future generations.

Our team is working with artisans who belong to the marginalized community of India. Moreover, we encourage an ethical and sustainable lifestyle. Since handmade goods are best suitable for green consumers. Also, we are on two-pronged missions simultaneously to uplift the talented artisans who lack awareness of the value of online presence.

Our Social Enterprise has been able to develop a network of 20 Artisans. The products which we have been able to procure are eco-friendly and handmade. The handmade baskets made of natural fibers we offer are available in 10 different styles and various colors. In times of pandemic when our artisans despaired and needed assistance. Our founder herself traveled to connect with those artisans to reach out and listen to their perspectives.
At India Craft Art, wellbeing is at the forefront.

Hence we request you to join us and see how committed we are to make our talented artisans smile. By purchasing our products made by them, consumers contribute to help these artisans foster a self-sustainable source of revenue. It encourages artisans to pass down their skills and continue their heritage. We can also customize products according to your preferences.