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India Craft Art has established its name as a brand for the best handmade crafts and artifacts. It’s been almost  4 years, and we’ve successfully delivered happiness to the doorstep. The best part about India Craft Art is that it originated in India and empowers rural Indian women.

Exclusively crafted artifacts straight from the hands of professionals. Our team majorly comprises rural women that have acquired unbeatable skillsets over time. Their dreams are bounded by the wall of limited connectivity, lack of transportation, and, most importantly, inability to communicate. We at India Craft Art have successfully broken this barrier and connected the professional to the right consumer.


Starting from a family of 2, we are now a family of 40 rural talents possessing magic in their hands. Every article that reaches our customers is handpicked and quality checked by experts. Moreover, many of our articles have the power to disrupt the handmade goods market. Our bestseller is handmade baskets which our customers widely love. It’s sleek and stylish, and the finishing of the product is beyond words. Our ‘made with love’ articles will fail your Gucci’s.

Come join us in this beautiful initiative and flaunt the all-new hot-selling products from our store.

Our business has successfully empowered rural women and their talents which were constantly suppressed. India Craft Art has provided a robust platform in order to provide rural women, the real independence.Bhavna from India Craft Art is here to introduce our sustainable, 100% biodegradable, beautifully crafted line of home furnishings and accessories.

Currently, we have been able to provide sustainable and respectable livelihoods for 60 women, thus bringing magic into the lives of rural craftsmen.

By the end of 2023, we hope to have established 200 sustainable livelihoods. We wish to continue on this path.

In order to provide highly skilled individuals in rural India with access to basic requirements, healthcare, safe housing, and the preservation of their abilities, India Craft Art has been working with them. reducing the issue of global poverty. Every person on earth should have the right to a safe, healthy, and respectable existence.

We achieve this by giving artisans the option to purchase raw materials in bulk and consequently at a discount. We offer them design and assist them in creating cutting-edge yet classic products.

We oppose all forms of child labour and do not support them. By paying them appropriately, we urge our artisans to take their children to school so they can have a better future.

Our long-term goal is to multiply our group of artisans in order to increase employment possibilities, address inequality, promote education, and inspire customers to slowly but consciously purchase handcrafted, sustainably made products that are better for the environment.


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