Make a small step to contribute to a sustainable future, shop handcrafted products. Since ethical is the new normal, we encourage people to buy environmentally friendly products. So, check out our manual on handicrafts.

We enjoy working with people across geographies and cultures. Our artisanal and organic products are available online also.

All our products have carved a niche into the regional and global markets. They are apt for an evolved consumer-like green consumers. As we believe, there is no vaster luxury than sustainability.

The core of our efforts is to deliver organic merchandise. Since improving the lives of artisans is our main priority. As we support a part of communities that are devoted to producing handicrafts. Moreover, we are constantly determined to mitigate the issue of climate change.

Our Journey

Our team is associated with those artisans. However, there are a lot of unique products coming to market already. In other words, our mission is to create sustenance for marginalized communities in India.

Our Social Enterprise for Handloom Fabrics “Amrat India

Handloom Weaver

Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life. And the difference between style and fashion is quality.

Quality reduces waste. Being handwoven fabrics, they produce minimum waste. Moreover, Handloom has weaved India’s identity across the globe. Given that, a part of our enterprise is also operating in handloom fabrics. Our weavers are weaving stories and emotions into intricate designs.

Our handwoven fabrics are dyed with natural colors. In that way are fostering transformation to fashion products. And the fashion practice towards more inclusive ecological integrity.

We welcome you to our journey towards a more sustainable, eco-friendly, and authentic lifestyle.