The House Of Organic Handcrafted Products

We have created a virtual retail store for Handmade Products. Our artisans make numerous handmade products as baskets, handbags, organic napkins, and handspun towels. 

Each designer napkins we offer are available with runners. Organic napkins are best suitable for sensitive skin. Supreme towels are super-absorbent and large enough to use as a spa towel. The napkins and towels are of pure cotton, and it is most competent for hair and skin. 

Similarly, the handmade baskets we offer are of different natural fibers. Some baskets are a combination of jute and cotton.

We also offer hand-woven coconut fiber baskets. Like peat pots, coconut fiber baskets are best suitable as planters. Baskets made of Coconut fiber and Jute Fiber are most useful as planters, as they help plants grow faster than any other pots.

Indeed the jute fiber is shiny, soft, and durable. It is the most affordable natural fiber. It is large enough to store essentials in the kitchen. Now, large Jute baskets are in use for multiple purposes. Though, the same basket is also appropriate to use as a laundry basket. Unquestionably, jute fiber baskets are more robust than any other fiber. Firstly, the best thing about jute fiber is that it takes minimum water to grow jute plants. Secondly, using such natural fibers helps to preserve our planet. Individual products made of these fibers are 100% chemical-free and biodegradable.

India Craft Art is working toward a better future in terms of sustainability. Please have a look at some of our products shown below.


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